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Who the frick is ringing my doorbell at 1 a. m.???

5 Mar

Oh, the police.

Yep, last night at 1 a. m., John and I were rudely awakened to the doorbell ringing and fist pounding at the front door. After my brain registered “oh, that’s the doorbell”, I kicked (oh so gently!) my husband and mumbled something about seeing who is at the door.

A few minutes later, I hear John say something like “you need to come down here.” That doesn’t sound good. I’m not sure what I responded, but I’m betting it was a half-asleep “why???” I get myself to the top of the stairs and I definitely hear my husband say “police.”

OK. Now I’m half awake.

As I stumble to the door, John is trying to explain that the police have the wrong address, but they still have to confirm that I’m not being beat up. Apparently two different addresses were called into 911 about a domestic disturbance (a woman being assaulted), one number difference. It’s either our house, or a condo a few doors down.

I guess my sleepy stupor responses were convincing enough to the police because they did not stay long, and they were headed off to the other address.

This small event reminded me (this morning after I regained full consciousness) that our little Utopian suburban village is not immune to the darker side of humanity. I generally think that my neighbors are all “good people” but clearly I don’t see everything that happens behind closed doors. This doesn’t mean I’m going to change the way I interact with my neighbors; I like to take people at face value and treat people the way that I want to be treated. And maybe this 911 call was a neighbor looking out for another neighbor. It would be nice to think that someone was looking out for me.

Vain side note: As I went back to bed after talking to the police, I had a silly thought — “I’m so glad I bought these new pajamas this week!” You have to understand — my husband has been teasing me about my 15-year-old nightgowns. But they are SOOO comfy! I finally threw away the mid-90’s flower flannel one that had the shoulder torn away, and was paper thin. I hope those police appreciated my new outfit.