Samson’s power

17 May
My husband is an avid American Idol fan. Which makes me an Idol fan by proxy.  We have watched every season since the beginning.  If you were watching this past week, you saw Casey James, the beautiful guitar rocker make it into the top three, along with two other Idol hopefuls (who are much more likely to win it all).  We also saw “Big Mike” Lynche voted off, who — by most reviews — has more talent than our adorable goldie locked singer.  However, Casey has a power stronger than his voice — he has Samson’s power: his hair. 
And, those Idol stylists and lighting professionals did their best to make him look… angelic? Messianic?  Oh… just damn good.
And he’s not the first Idol man to gain votes because of his power of the quaff.  There is quite a history of Samson’s power.
Who can forget Constantine? His singing was … hmmm… Ok.  But that hair was yummy.
And the freaking adorable doe-eyed Jason Castro?  I never thought dreads could look adorable.
But there you go!
Of course, Bo Bice.  Now, he actually had LOTS of vocal talent, but the hair helped. Add a little bit of bad boy attitude, and this one is a keeper, too.
Sanjaya.  No matter what you think of him, he had the most Samson power of them all.  The least vocal talent, and yet he still has a career.  That hair has to be worth its weight in gold.
Sorry, feeling a little silly today.  You can blame:


One Response to “Samson’s power”

  1. Rebecca S. Mullen May 17, 2010 at 5:53 pm #

    I've never seen Idol. I know, I know… where have I been? I don't watch much TV. I'm a loser that way. But hair? I'm there.Thanks for the eye candy. I'm powered up.

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