Slanty eyes

7 May

My daughter totally caught me off guard this morning for a “teaching moment.”  I hope I did OK.  The conversation went something like this.

A:  “People in China have eyes that look like this.”  A takes her fingers and pulls the corners of her eyes back.

Mom:  “That’s not nice, A. Daddy’s eyes look like that.  You shouldn’t make fun of the way people look.” 

A:  “No his eyes don’t.”

Mom:  “Yes, they do.  Did someone at school say that?  You should tell them it’s not nice to make fun of the way people look.”

A:  “Daddy’s eyes don’t look like that.”

Mom:  “Did someone at school say that?”

A:  “No.”

A is now upset.  I have a very sensitive child.  She runs off to her room.  She needs time to process.  She was upset all morning, but did not want to talk anymore about it.  I reminded her that if other kids were saying things like that, she should either tell them to stop or get a teacher. 

This stuff starts early, huh?


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