I’ve been poisoned!

15 Mar

Sunday night we had a nice family dinner out, came home and put the kids to bed. I was rudely awoken at about 2 in the morning by that unpleasant quease in my stomache. After a dash to the bathroom, I began debating — flu? migraine? do I have a fever? In my half-asleep sick stupor, I had not determined the cause. I laid back down on my bed. I was not feeling much better.

Within 10 minutes, John and I heard unpleasant noises coming from our daughter’s bedroom. As I was now incapacitated, John went into super-dad mode, and took care of bedding, clothing, and a very unhappy 6-year-old.

We’ve been poisoned! Food poisoning, that is.

Upon this realization, and going through our dinner choices quickly, Amelia and I only had one food item in common — ice cream. After a quick Google, I found that ice cream is a major food poisoning culprit — it contains EGGS. Who knew?

Then a second realization — Ryan had ice cream, too. Well, actually, he picked at his ice cream; Mom helped him finish it off because we knew we would be at the restaurant for another hour if we let him finish it on his own.

Between my trips to the bathroom, I waited for the other (third) shoe to fall. Ryan to join our unhappy bunch. But, he never did.

By 2 p. m. in the afternoon, I was alive enough to call the infamous chain restaurant and let them know about their double assassination attempt.
I must say — I was impressed by the manager’s professional manner. He took me very seriously, wanted to know exactly what foods we ate, looked up our receipt, and was filing an incident report. He also said their insurance company would be calling me back this week. I realize that this was probably all “standard procedure” but it was good to know that the procedure existed, and that the manager quickly switched into this “procedure” mode and did not qucstion my sincerity.

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